Studying how genomes express themselves

Current Ardell Lab Members
Person Position Contact Years@Merced Office Research
photo of dave David Ardell Assoc. Professor 2008– SE228 Gene expression mechanisms; Coevolution with genomes
photo of Andy Andrea Collins-Hed QSB Doctoral Candidate 2016– SE1398 Origins of Cells and Genetic Codes
photo of Fateme Fatemeh Hadi Nezhad QSB Doctoral Candidate 2017– SE1398 Algorithms to Reconstruct Evolution of Eukaryotic tRNA Gene Organization
photo of Rhondene Rhondene Wint QSB Doctoral Candidate
(co-advised with Prof. Mike Cleary)
2017– SE1398 tRNA Expression in Drosophila and Fungi
photo of Deepika Deepika Gunasekaran QSB Doctoral Candidate
(co-advised with Prof. Clarissa Nobile)
2020– SE1398 Evolution of tRNA in Candida
photo of Oscar Oscar Torres Gutierrez QSB Doctoral Student
(co-advised with Prof. Susan Ge)
2021– SE1398 Cilium Proteomics in the Developing Mouse Brain
photo of Ahmaree Ahmaree Sanders Bioengineering Undergraduate 2021– SE1398 Biology and Evolution of Long Non-Coding RNAs
Ardell Lab Postdoctoral, Doctoral and Masters Alumnae/Alumni
photo of Travis Dr. Travis Lawrence, Ph.D. QSB Doctoral Graduate 2013–2018 Postdoctoral Researcher at ORNL Sequence Bioinformatics; Phloclassifiers; Plant Systematics
photo of julie Dr. Julie Phillips, Ph.D. QSB Doctoral Graduate 2008–2013 Professor of Biology at Cumberland University Molecular Evolution of tRNA in Drosophila and Yeast; Molecular Dynamics of tRNA
photo of katie Dr. Katherine Harris Amrine, Ph.D. QSB Doctoral Graduate 2008–2013 Data Scientist at Facebook Structure and evolution of tRNA-protein interactions
photo of wes Dr. Wes Swingley, Ph.D. Postdoctoral Associate Alum Now Professor at NIU Origin of chloroplasts; Cyanobacterial tRNAs; Phylogeny with tRNA identity elements.
photo of ingemar Ingemar Ohlsson Masters Project Student (Molecular Biotechnology/Bioinformatics, Uppsala University, Sweden) Now Doctoral Student with Wes Swingley Orthogonal tRNAs in model organisms
photo of jennifer Jennifer Liberto QSB Masters Student
photo of Kristoffer Dr. Kristoffer Illergård Masters Graduate from Uppsala University Linnaeus Centre for Bioinformatics Now Co-Lead of Reveal Evolution of Protein Structure
photo of katie Dr. Eva Freyhult Graduate from Uppsala University Linnaeus Centre for Bioinformatics Now BILS (Bioinformatics Infrastructure for Life Sciences) Expert Information Theory and tRNA Class-Informative Features
Former Ardell Lab Graduate and Undergraduate Research Associates
photo of christian Christian Tran Undergraduate Researcher 2018– Stochastic models for aaRS-tRNA networks
photo of alejandro Alejandro Hernandez NIH Bridges-to-Doctorate Undergraduate Researcher from Fresno State 2018– tRNA gene organization in Nematodes
photo of Cristhian Cristhian Gutierrez Huerta Third-Year Applied Mathematics and Molecular and Cellular Biology Double Major, JGI Summer Research Intern Genome and Metagenome Classifiers (with Hark)
photo of Hark Harkanwalpreet Sodhi Second-Year Bioengineering Major Genome and Metagenome Classifiers (with Cris)
photo of Kyle Kyle Kauffman UC Merced Graduate in Molecular and Cellular Biology Evolution of Complementarity
photo of Noelle Noelle Anderson Quantitative and Systems Biology first-year Rotation Student Iterated Learning Models
photo of Peter Peter Becich UC Merced/NSF Undergraduate Research Scholar in Computational Biology Code-Message Coevolution
photo of Peter Claudia Canales Fourth-Year Bioengineering Major Duration Hidden Markov Models
photo of Michael Michael Frisch Undergraduate Researcher in Bioengineering Now Ph.D. student in Bioinformatics Simulation of macromolecular interactions
photo of brian Brian Stark Undergrad Code-Message Coevolution